Breaking the chain of poverty in India


Empowering lives, One Child At a Time

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Mentoring in Urban Slums


With 116 million of the poorest children living in India, 9 out of 10 students studying in government schools drop out before 10th grade. Majority of students from the economically poor families who attend school struggle with their studies. They are either unmotivated or lack the necessary help to do well in school. 

Ants2Giants focuses on steering children in the slums towards better education and employment opportunities by operating Free Tuition Centers. With its locations in financially backward areas like D.J Halli and Sevanagar, these centers contribute to recharging the academic skills and moral skills of underprivileged children. Together, with qualified teachers and supportive mentors, A2G has helped 1000s of children with limited means unlock their potential and realize their dreams.

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TUF Scholarships Back to School 

Before the COVID – 19 outbreak, six million children in India were out of school. The pandemic only pushed the poor deeper into poverty, children in about 62 percent of households discontinued their education. For poorer families, online learning has not been a possibility, leaving many school children to fall behind as schools remained shut due to the pandemic.

With a vision to advocate and facilitate access to education for all children to establish a society that is positively transformed and empowered, TUF set out on a mission to ensure that children from the lower economic strata are enrolled in a school to receive formal education to help reduce the school drop-out rate.