The reward is in the Journey 


To develop a team of simple enthusiasts seeking a better society through Education, Entrepreneurship, Women Empowerment and Social Justice. 


To set up tuition centers and mentoring programs across the slums and selected schools.

To provide food, shelter and medical aid for those who can not fend for themselves.

To provide skill development and small business enterprise support to the needy section of the society.

Where it all Started  

Know our Founder 

It feels good to be called Dr. Habeeb an Indian author, entrepreneur, philanthropist and life coach. My friends and colleagues call me Coach Habeeb which grounds me with the immense responsibility that rests on my shoulders. I am blessed to be a co-founder of a not-for-profit organization named The United Foundation [TUF], working with the lesser privileged section of society on areas of education, Leadership in the slums, hunger eradication and homebuilding. The NGO also works for disaster relief in earthquake and flood-hit zones. I am also the Director of Education & HR at a premier B-School offering a UK Masters program in Bangalore apart from being an advisor and mentor to many organizations and institutions.