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The United Foundation, Bangalore, is a result of the relentless support of all our donors, volunteers & well-wishers. If you have a passion for helping people in need, you can do so through our NGO by donating, volunteering or simply supporting us on social media. To collaborate with us or for any other queries, please get in touch! 

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Common  Questions

Why have these projects been recruited?

A need for these projects was recognized in certain areas of Bangalore that are not well developed. Testimonials were obtained from the people living there, on the difficulties and challenges that they face on a daily basis. Since resources were available, this initiative began in the year 2008.

Does each project have a different targeted population?

No, the population for all our projects comprises the lower strata. The ones who are least privileged and below poverty line. Their annual income is about 60,000 INR.

How are these projects helping those in need?

Each project is making an impact in its own way.

Ants2Giants is changing the mindset of kids, spreading awareness and getting them to recognize their abilities, in turn guiding them towards a brighter future.

Ramadan & Eid kits are helping to satisfy the hunger of hundreds of people who find it hard to fend for themselves and their families during the blessed month of ramadan.

Project Woollies is providing warmth to those in need, during cold winter nights.

Alhamdulillah Bread Basket(ABB) bread are distributed in order to satisfy hunger and provide good nutrition.

Gift A Home shelter to many civilians who were deprived of it.

What kind of an impact have your projects made till date?

The Gift A Home project has completed construction of 32 houses. 20 in collaboration with other foundation and 12 by our own initiative.
The rate of students passing high school has significantly increased over the years. Dropout rates have decreased as well. More number of distinctions are seen each year.

What happens if a project does not reach its goal?

The project is thoroughly reviewed by our team of experts, its shortcomings are recognised. And we come up with better plans to execute them.

Who funds the projects?

Common people from Bangalore, bulk donations, Zakath(an annual Islamic charity), charity. It is a 100% non profit organisation.

How long does a project appear on your website?

We begin our media marketing about 3 months prior in the case of annual projects like Project Woollies, Ramadan and Eid kits. The projects which run through the year like Mentoring Sessions, Tuition Centres, Alhamdulillah Bread Basket(ABB), will always be up on the website.

How will I know about the latest projects?

Our projects will be publicised on our website, social media pages. If you have registered, you will also be notified via email.

Do I need to have a specific qualification in order to be a Mentor at one or more of your tuition centers?

The faculty at the tuition centers are graduates in respective fields in accordance with the subjects being taught. In order to be a mentor on the weekends, we encourage people from all backgrounds provided they have the skills necessary to be a mentor. Currently, we have students, housewives, doctors, engineers, and other dedicated volunteers as mentors at our centres.