Coaching and Mentoring Centers in Urban Slums


Our A2G is divided into 2 segments 

A2G Tuition Center

To help students in slum areas excel at academics, TUF has set up after-school programs that provide quality academic assistance in subjects like English, Kannada, Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, and Social Studies. Skilled and experienced teachers with a passion to make a difference are brought in to drive the cause. Our student count has only increased over the years with a majority of female students.

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A2G Mentoring Center

Readying students for the real world by introducing a range of topics and discussions outside of academics, the A2G Mentoring Session is our most exciting initiative with a proven record of intensive impact. Two hours every weekend, experts from various fields  including Psychology, Law, Journalism, Medicine, Business, Finance and more interact with the students from our tuition center  who would otherwise not be able to access such seminars and workshops on such topics. Personality Development, Life Skills, Communicative English and Skill Development Sessions are the key focus areas of the weekend sessions. 


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TUF believes that these children, when equipped with the right knowledge and confidence, will grow up to become changemakers, both, for self and society.