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45.06% of the world’s wealth is possessed by just 0.7% of the world’s population which is the smallest group. While, the largest group encompasses 73% of the population and they possess less than 2.4% of the world’s wealth. At TUF, we recognize this bitter reality and bring alive projects that stress on recognizing the individuals who suffer utmost due to this atrocity in terms of hunger, shelter and education. Hence, we focus on inspiring the fortunate ones to share their wealth and spread happiness in the process and throughout this, highlighting the spirit that we are giving the less fortunate what truly belongs to them.

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The United Foundation conducts various events throughout the year for its members and volunteers. Some of the prominent events are :

  • 15 Jul 2018

    Recharge your Battery (RYB)

    This is an event conducted in the middle of the year where volunteers with the help of mentors introspect the…
  • 15 Nov 2018

    The TUF Annual convention

    This is a day to honor the volunteers. It is a day to celebrate their spirit of hard work, passion…

The United Ramadan Kit

The 300 richest people have the same wealth as the 3 billion poorest people. Our community is at the receiving end of this increasing inequality. Distribution of wealth within the community is the only solution to overcome this steep disparity between the rich and the poor. Initiated in 2014, our volunteers collected zakat (obligatory charity on wealth) to buy basic essentials. Over 50 families who were most vulnerable were provided with Ramadan Kits in Ramadan, the month of fast. This project was most successful last year as full-fledged surveys were conducted and the most deserving families were narrowed down.

Ramadan kits with essential groceries like rice, sugar, cereals, dates, cooking oil etc. worth a total of 2000/- INR were distributed to more than 1000 families, free of cost. The happiness on their faces is etched in our hearts. This project was nothing but a success. We hope and aim to feed many more families in the upcoming Ramadan.

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At The United Foundation we got the opportunity to see the warriors that are battling silently everyday for their basic needs, to hear the stories of their struggle that they went through every single day so that they fall asleep without thinking of starving for tomorrow, to witness them speak out their hearts that were filled with pain along with a contagious smile.

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