Bread Basket

Monthly Ration Distribution Drive


Reports suggest, India is a home to one-quarter of the worlds hungry and one-third of the worlds undernourished children. Even though there is a general awareness of the challenge, many of us turn a blind eye or at the least wish them well and clearly that’s not enough. With over 19 crore people sleeping hungry.

Incepted in 2010, Bread Basket is TUFs ongoing initiative designed to intervene the increasing hunger crisis in Bangalore. At TUF, the first Sunday of each month is dedicated to distributing Ration Kits to the needy in one of Bangalore’s major slums – Ejipura. A rigorous and timely survey is conducted and the most-deserving families are targeted, our key beneficiaries include – widows, orphans, aged and handicapped, etc. Ration Cards are maintained with a photo and details of the beneficiary. Our beneficiary list has only proven to expand over the years.

The Process

Phase 1 - Survey

Annual surveys are conducted in areas where over 80% of populations are BPL holders. This is where benefieries are identified by local volunteers and vetted by TUF survey team.

Phase 2 - Enrollment

Once identified, each beneficiary is enrolled in the program by providing a ration card for easy identification during distribution of the ration.

Phase 3 - Procurement

Kits with essential food supply is procured and packed in clean and washed, reusable bags every month. 

Phase 4 - Distribution

On the first Sunday of every month, the ration distribution happens at the centre. Volunteers are often involved for distributing and dropping off the kit to the beneficiaries homes.