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Problem statement –

  • We need a consistent flow of funds for any NGO to sustain.
  • Constant funding is the spine of any organization

Solution by TUF-

  • The basic idea was to create a platform for 1000 like-minded individuals to consistently donate a minimum amount of rupees 500 a month so we can collect a funding of 500,000 every month and enable their donations to reach the most deserving beneficiaries.
  • We collect funds regularly on a monthly basis.


  • As of now we have around 200 individuals in our 1000 member group who donate from 500 upto 5000 rupees every month.
  • Zakath and sadaqa is collected separately.
  • Money is predominantly used for A2G and ABB and other TUF initiatives.
  • It was started in? Sept 2016.

Why donate?

  • According to the statistics, two-thirds of people in India live in poverty: 68.8% of the Indian population lives on less than $2 a day.
  • Every penny of your donation is a step towards change.
  • With raising income in India, we see a parallel raise of inequality in income.
  • An additional benefit of making donations are the tax reductions an individual can avail under 80g.
  • Empower organizations working towards social causes reach their goals.
  • The most meaningful way to use your hard earned money.

Why donate to us?

  • We know each and every beneficiary who receive our help, after a thorough process of surveying, approval and issuing of a TUF Ration Card.
  • We are a truly non-profit organization, each and every penny donated to us is used towards the betterment of the community, no core team member or administrator receives a payment of any sort.
  •  All donations spent by us are completely transparent.
  • Members of any community can donate.