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Our Story

Ramadan, the holy month of fasting and spiritual reflection, is a time of giving and generosity, and every year, we organize a unique initiative to help the needy during Ramadan.
The United Ramadan Kits serve as a lifeline for many people who struggle to make ends meet, not only providing them with means to a warm meal for Suhoor and Ifthar that they can share with their families, but also sharing with them a sense of community and solidarity.
This initiative also serves as an opportunity for volunteers to give back to society, and truly experience the power of community, solidarity, and generosity; a shining example of the multitudes of differences made in people’s lives, and is centric to what TUF believes in and stands for!

Process ensuring quality & dignity

Survey & Selection

Provision of The United Ramadan Kits to those in need is a vital way to support vulnerable sections of our community. At TUF, we deem it essential to conduct a survey to identify those who are most in need. The first step in the process is to conduct a thorough survey of the target community in collaboration with community leaders, social workers, and field workers to identify families and individuals who are most vulnerable. Once the survey is completed, our next step is to prioritize the beneficiaries based on their level of need, ensuring that our selection process is fair, transparent and involving community participation.

Packing and Distribution

The packing process of food kits is carried out by our ever growing, diverse group of volunteers of who are passionate about helping those in need. The process involves sorting and organizing food items, assembling the kits, labeling and sealing the kits, loading them for transportation, and once our kits arrive at the community, volunteers work tirelessly to distribute the kits to the selected beneficiaries.


Our Mission & Approach

Our mission is to serve the community, make lasting impact to improve quality of life, while keeping in mind our core principles and values,
Studying the feasibility at the grassroot level, Consulting and Strategizing, Accountability and Transparency as our prime focus – Along with monetary contributions, all other blessings such as intellectual inputs, physical capabilities and contributions are accounted for, Clear transparency in distribution, project execution and allotment, unbiased process of evaluating most deserving beneficiaries, and Complete Financial transparency has,
and will continue to make TUF remarkably distinct and effectual, with utmost care and respect towards our beneficiaries, donors, partners and volunteers!