TUF Scholarships

Nudging India’s poor back to school


With its “Back To School” campaign, TUF carried out extensive surveys at a target location, Devarajeevanahalli area of Bengaluru to understand why children are being left behind and if and how the current system is meeting their needs. This helped identify students struggling to enroll in school due to financial inability and also bring back those that saw education as a distant dream since the onset of the pandemic. 



Educational Scholarships of 50% – 100% were approved to over 320 students from the said area depending on the financial capacity of the family. These were students from High School, Pre-university, Undergraduate and Post-Graduate courses whose education would hit a halt had there been no intervention. Without a doubt, every child deserves access to good quality and  opening the doors to education is the only way to break the cycle of poverty and empower children to uplift their families and communities.

Scholarships granted

Dropouts prevented