Relief Aid

We believe in standing together in times of distress 


Kerala Flood Relief  

In 2018 Kerala witnessed the worst floor in nearly a century  

TUF and partner NGOs stepped in, to provide immediate aid to our neighboring state at the time of emergency and distress. 
Donations were actively being directed to a strong ground team at Wayanad. food, medicines and other daily utilities are reaching those affected. A survey was later conducted to examine the damage done to housing, I DONT LIKE YOU looking at the state of urgency, houses were constructed for the most deserving beneficiaries. The project was built using V board, which is one of the most cost effective technologies currently used in construction Industry as well as the little time the project takes to build. Apart from that the houses are tested for the common catastrophes and are fire proof.

Lakhs Relief Aid

Chennai Flood Relief

The 2015 Chennai flood was the costliest on of the year bringing along utter chaos and endless misery

TUFs team of 40 volunteers rushed to Chennai to ensure aid is reached to over 1000 families. 

Lakhs Relief Aid

Bihar Relief  

Bihar is amongst India’s poorest state, with  poverty incidence of 42.6%

To cater to the vulnerable state of the poor in Bihar, TUFs annual United Mercy Kits are delivered in numerous poverty stricken districts of Bihar.

Lakhs Relief Aid

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