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63.67 million urban and rural Indians do not have adequate housing.

This alarming number is a cause of massive concern. A survey of 1186 households in Bangalore’s Devarjeevanahalli slum, a large notified slum in Bangalore, characterized by poverty, overcrowding, hazardous living conditions, and social complexities uncovered that more than 70.4% of the population were below the poverty line and an enormous number forced to live in dilapidated huts.

Most slum dwellers work as drivers, domestic helpers, cooks, construction laborers, vegetable and fruit vendors, etc. Their income is just enough to feed them and afford a bare minimum of housing. There are thousands of shanties just in our city that need to be converted into safe and hygienic homes

Gift A Home, initiated in 2016, is one of TUF’s ongoing projects – rebuilding one home at a time, by transforming water-seeping and mud-floored huts into pleasant, secure, and clean homes. Our survey team verifies the owners and the relevant documents are authenticated by identifying the most deserving families. The homes are constructed with top-notch construction materials to ensure durability and sustainability.

Drawing inspiration from the ‘Chal Range De’ movement in Mumbai that aims to give the slums a colorful facelift, Team TUF engages volunteers in painting the houses constructed. Hues of red, blue, green, and yellow give the houses a bright and happy transformation.